Document Management

Document Management

Document Management ensures secure documentation with controlled distribution to end users. It provides workflow based document approval with revision control. End users have the latest approved version of any document reducing the risk of obsolete documentation.

Configurable Workflow

The activity workflow can be configured with Roles as per needs. Multiple workflows can be configured to associate with respective document type.

Typical Workflow

Document management software

Key Benefits

  • Reduce paper and storage space – Secured storage and recovery
  • Distribution of approved documentation – reduced risk of obsolete copies
  • Improved regulatory compliance – Controlled access with ease of search.
  • Standardization of approval process – Timely Re-approval, archiving & disposal
  • Web-based solution accessible on any browser
  • Works with Microsoft Word & Excel
  • All metadata stored in a central database
Document Management Software

Deployment Options

  • Web-based technology
  • Cross-platform compatible (Linux or Windows)
  • Supports any browser (IE, Firefox) and client OS (Win, Linux, Mac, Android)
  • Database agnostic (supports MS SQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL)
  • Scalable to 1000s of users across the globe
Document Management Control Software

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