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InterFACER is a middleware to interface clinical in-vitro diagnostic instrument & point-of-care diagnostic space. The basic concept design of InterFACER was in itself solution-orientedreducing vendor dependency & increasing flexibility to switch instruments assisting the diagnostics world.
Integrate clinical analysers of haematology, biochemistry, blood gas, immune assay, ELISA, microbiology, molecular diagnostic discipline or any LIS or LIMS/ healthcare system with ease. InterFACER middleware helps clinical diagnostic pathology laboratories, clinical research, public health labs, blood banks, biobanks in improving throughput.

The design addresses regulatory compliance requirements such as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), 21 CFR Part 11, EudraLex Annex 11, GCP, ISO 17025, NetCord, etc.

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  • Hospital clinical diagnostic labs
  • Blood banks
  • Referral labs
  • Clinical research organisations
  • Biobanks
  1. Fully configurable communication protocol (ASTM1381, ASTM1394, HL7 & custom protocols)
  2. Supports both unidirectional and bidirectional communication with an instrument
  3. Secure communications
  4. Supports any instrument by any manufacturer

InterFACER Key Capabilities

Instrument Management

  • Captures instrument connection details
  • Links with LIMS instruments for effective management
  • Supports RS232 & TCP/IP & File Based instruments

User configurable communication protocol

  • Has pre-defined protocols like ASTM 1394 and HL7
  • Other protocols are user configurable
  • No redundant work of re-defining protocols for different instruments

Uni/ Bi-directional Communication

  • Unidirectional flow of data from the instruments to the LIMS
  • A bi-directional flow of data when the InterFACER takes in orders from LIMS system & returns results from instruments to LIMS

Test mapping tool (Instrument <> LIS)

  • Meaningful LIMS data mapped to specific instrument parameters
  • Intelligent middleware between LIMS master & instrument master

Integration tool for any LIS (Instrument <> middleware <> LIS)

  • Supports database-level integration
  • Cloud integration via APIs/REST service

Automation through InterFACER

  • Parsing data to and from the LIMS to instruments
  • Zero human error due to lack of manual intervention
  • One step forward toward data integrity in the digital era

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