Chemical manufacturers are very focused in their production and process control so that the products they manufacture are of high quality. Chemical plants require constant monitoring of raw materials, in-process samples, finished products and utilities like DM water and waste water.

QuaLIS® LIMS suits the needs of this industry due to its functionality & capabilities. QuaLIS is a powerful enterprise-scale LIMS developed using a strong framework and is fully configurable and customizable for a regulated environment.

QuaLIS covers complete workflow processes within a typical chemical manufacturing process industry. The industry requires sample schedules for in process and environmental samples which will help in automated sample registration. Samples collected by process persons can be pre-registered at or near the sampling area and sent across the central or plant laboratory. Samples, when received by the lab, can be acknowledged and analysed. These industries run well-defined analytical techniques which are iterative and round-the-clock. Data captured from instruments, when transferred to LIMS, will be of huge benefit and save time. Results approved can be easily accessed by the process people to make informed decisions.


QuaLIS® Chemical Highlights

  • A truly global internet web application runs on any browser and can be hosted in any OS (Win/Linux/Mac/Android)
  • QC ready workflow configurable for your specific QC and R&D labs
  • Advanced multi-layer specification management with version & release control
  • Quality and test planning for batch / continuous manufacturing
  • Template based sample registration gives total control over sample management (Raw-materials, in-process, environmental, finished products)
  • Sample tracking with Barcode labelling
  • ELN based data capture from instruments
  • Configurable workflow based review, approval and release process
  • OOS reporting with configurable workflow
  • Built-in capabilities Equipment & Instrument Management with Calibration scheduling
  • Laboratory Inventory Management
  • Automated notification of results to appropriate personnel through email alerts etc.
  • Proven integration with ERP (SAP/Oracle/other)

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