Training Management

Training Management

Laboratory personnel undergo training on various aspects of testing, instruments, etc. Laboratories adhering to GLP/ ISO17025 keep track of training & certification of personnel. Only trained, certified and competent personnel can perform tests based on instrument technique.

Training Management

Training Management

Training Scheduler

QuaLIS training management module allows labs to schedule & plan trainings in advance, keep personnel informed, etc. New-comers undergo orientation and are certified through the system.

Training Link to Test/Technique

QuaLIS Test master is linked to Technique, i.e. If a test requires that a person works on liquid chromatography, work scheduling module will cross-check the training records of personnel within the lab and display list of trained, certified and competent personnel. This is also a GLP/ ISO 17025 mandated requirement.

Competency Matrix

At the click of a button, a competency matrix report is generated for the entire laboratory along with training undertaken by the individual. Training documents can be uploaded to the training management system.

Training Management Software

Key Benefits

  • Schedule Training (Individual, group) – Upload training records
  • Invite Participants. – Mark Competence & Certify personnel
  • Distribute Training Materials – Access to Training Material
  • Document Training details & attendance – Report Competence matrix

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