Test Data Sheet Automation

Test Data Sheet Automation

Labs record test data and results in pre-printed forms or on numbered notebooks. Excel is widely used to record/ calculate results.

Solutions that can handle this paperwork will save time and cost while achieving compliance.

Challenge in LIMS

  • Not designed for capture of non-structured data
  • Issues in entering raw data into LIMS
  • Entering data to capture all information is huge
  • For Example, Imagine entering 200 fields in a row-wise format for an assay. LIMS users avoid this by employing paper, entering only final results in LIMS.

The Solution

LogiLAB ELN is an electronic lab notebook configurable by end-users.

With a built-in spread-sheet design, it can be used to design WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) templates for test data capture.

test data sheet


  • Version and release control
  • Authorised people for template release
  • Only the latest templates available for use
  • Sheets embedded with formulae & locked during usage
  • The user can key-in manual fields
  • Data captured & stored in a central database

Instrument Interface

It is possible for end-users to interface instruments by setting up parsers to extract data from instrument output (RS232, TCP/IP and PDF). The output of parser is a set of fields easily embedded in the templates.

Integration with LIMS

The lab sheets are test-based with single/ multiple templates for each product/ test. Data captured can be mapped with LIMS tests & parameters using LogiLAB integration tool.

Key Benefits

  • Paperless & Audit friendly
  • Reduce number of transcription to 1
  • No transcription error
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Reduce review &approval time (formula & data pre-validated)

Deployment Options

  • Quality control labs
  • Analytical development labs
  • Production

Move from paper to electronic

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