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QuaLIS covers most of the processes of a typical quality control lab be it pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, manufacturing, etc.

Sample Management

It is imperative for a QC lab to analyse various kinds of samples like raw-material, in-process, finished products and environmental samples. QuaLIS sample management module allows you to create a template for managing samples arriving for QC testing. The template technique allows capture of sample related information for better traceability and business decisions.

Work Scheduling

Labs with higher volumes of samples/tests and personnel need a work scheduler for allocation of resources like instruments for analyses. QuaLIS work scheduling module provides an advanced work allocation tool that can be used to plan work well in advance. The scheduler works section-wise (department), i.e. if there is more than one section within a lab, tests that are specific to a section will appear at the section head level for allocation.

Results Capture

Samples received in QC labs are registered based on specifications for which they need to be tested. Sample Results can be entered based on sample, test or batch/ sequence.

QC scenarios like re-test, re-sample workflows can be triggered by users who have the authority to perform such actions.

Electronic Lab Notebook

QuaLIS, when used with LogiLAB Electronic lab notebook, facilitates analysts to capture the test worksheets with data related to the sample analysis method. Raw-data and meta-data from instruments are also captured when integrated with instruments or can be uploaded along with the ELN sheets.

Review & Approval

QuaLIS review and approval workflows can be configured based on the QC labs SOP/needs. The system will flow through the number of levels as per configuration.

Report Generation

Quality control labs generate reports like Certification of Analysis (COA) which can be legally binding for certain industries.

QC Features

  • Multi-Site, Multi-Dept., Multi-Section
  • Multi-level product specification management
  • Template-based sample registration
  • Sample storage, Reserve & disposal
  • Latest specification version available
  • Batch process sample planning
  • Test plan management
  • Work scheduling – analysts & instruments
  • Results Capture & OOS/ OOT management
  • Instrument calibration
  • Maintenance scheduling & status lock (instruments)
  • Training Management for lab personnel
  • Deviations/ CAPA
  • Stability study module

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