Instrument Management

Instrument Management

Laboratories use several types of instruments. Those adhering to GLP or ISO17025 keep track of instrument calibration, maintenance and validation.

In a regulated environment, every instrument needs calibration based on manufacturer suggestion/ internal SOP and at regular intervals. It is mandatory for results to be recorded and proof of it is made available with Date details.

Calibration Scheduling

QuaLIS Instrument management solution manages the list of instruments based on category for scheduling calibration, maintenance (preventive) and validation. The calibration scheduler can maintain multiple schedules for each instrument.

A window period is allowed before the instrument is locked “Under Calibration” mode. When an instrument reaches its due date, a unique sample number is generated with tests to be conducted. After the results are reviewed & approved, it changes to “Calibrated”.


Instruments “Under Calibration” should only be used for analyses (ISO 17025). QuaLIS work scheduler module protects from allotting a non-calibrated instrument for analysis.



One can record instrument usage logs for every sample/test without separate log books. It monitors instrument calibration/maintenance/validation status.


Maintenance & Validation

Instrument Management module also allows to schedule preventive maintenance and validation. Any unplanned maintenance is recorded. After maintenance, tests are scheduled to qualify instrument for usage.

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