Healthcare & Diagnostics

Healthcare & Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostic labs help in testing patient samples. Hospital labs normally implement LIS as the first solution as it involves quick release of patient sample results. These labs are focused on high throughput but at the same time are careful about the quality of the results published.

QuaLIS Clinical Laboratory LIMS App helps hospitals and referral diagnostic labs in achieving operational excellence. InterFACER the clinical instrument interface middleware is deployed for interfacing clinical instruments.

Hospital LIMS needs to take care of outpatients and inpatients. Priority of testing is of at most importance. The entire language of the user interface and alert messages need to be closer to their domain.

The system covers phlebotomy at a central location and at the bedside. Sample submission to a central receiver is facilitated with multi-location barcode printing. Samples can undergo tests in multiple sections like haematology, biochemistry, immunology, histopathology and microbiology. QuaLIS LIMS is a single piece of LIMS that can take care of all these diagnostic departments.

Referral diagnostic labs conduct rare tests. They tend to have collection centres at multiple locations from where samples are shipped to a central state-of-the-art lab. Results need to be published on time. QuaLIS being a web-based system is a perfect solution.


QuaLIS® Healthcare & Diagnostics Highlights

  • User definable Test masters and Test Panels
  • User definable reference ranges
  • Limitless number & type of reference ranges based on age(hours, days, years) &sex
  • Barcode labelling with multiple counter printing facility
  • Outsourced test results recording
  • Aliquoting and Automatic routing
  • Manual Results entry
  • Automated results capture using InterFACER® for interfaced instruments
  • Approval of results
  • Special microbiology workflow results entry
  • Special histopathology workflow results entry
  • Creation of laboratory reports
  • Sample/Specimen storage and disposal management
  • Inventory management
  • Instrument and calibration management
  • QA/QC data export facility

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