QuaLIS Inventory Management System

QuaLIS Inventory is a web-based Inventory Management System designed based on guidelines for GLP and FDA. Designed to meet the needs of a regulated laboratory, it handles a wide range of Inventory Materials used there. Items including but not limited to standards like reference material, primary standards, working standards, reagents (solid/ liquid), consumables, etc.


Modern specialty diagnostic laboratories need an integrated LIMS that can handle molecular diagnostics, cytology, histopathology, NGS, FLOW, bio-chemistry, genetic cytology (Cyto/ FISH) and microbiology related processes in a single system. Advanced detection of mutations, abnormalities in cells, chromosomes, karyotypes, DNA, gene, enzymes studies and biomarkers are very helpful in identification of potential source of disease and better patient care.


Data integrity, an area of increasing priority in today’s laboratory world and “The focus area” when it comes to regulatory compliances such as 21 CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Annex 11. Considering the number of warning letters from USFDA and other such regulatory bodies issued to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers across the globe, Data integrity has also become the “Buzz word” in audit.

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